Blogging 101: Dream Reader

I puzzled over this assignment. As I’ve mentioned, I already have two blogs, and I began these courses to help with my blogging and writing.  So my dream reader for my writing? I’m not sure. I’m really at a loss. Of course, the dream reader could really just be myself, since I’m writing for myself.

Yesterday I “published” my first piece of fiction. I should clarify – I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, and I’ve written loads of material – for myself. But I was always scared to show anyone my writing – I thought it would be awful.

So to my “dream reader,” who is maybe writing for the first time, I say: Be bold. Don’t wait as long as I have – write away and post on your blog. Go to writing groups and get critiqued. Share your writing and get feedback. Don’t be scared to show your dreams – because that’s what your writing is – to others.

This man was looking for a solution, and through hard work and people who believed in him, he found it. I hope you are as inspired by it as I am.

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