Writing 101: A Character-Building Experience

I’m behind because frankly, this post stumped me. I almost considered skipping it. Inspiration struck this morning, so here is my post for the “character-building” experience.

I had heard about this person for years from my parents, how he was good at his job, how he had fought cancer, how he loved his cowboy boots. I finally met him earlier this year when I needed a new general doctor.

Dr. D— bursts with expressiveness. His enthusiasm for his work is evident in his grin and how he gesticulates while describing your blood test results. I never realized that blood sugar levels could be so exciting! Dr. D— communicates information as if he were telling a wildly exciting story about an exotic safari trip instead of thyroid levels. His sense of humor is sly as well, as is clear from his office’s wifi name (think skull and crossbones). I never realized how my life would change because of this wonderful man, and I’m so grateful to have found a doctor who is a notch above the others.

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