“Nailed it!”

I love this Progressive.com commercial:

Toward the end, the main character’s husband walks in and says, “What’s on your hand?”

His wife replies, “My wedding ring. A symbol of our love … and understanding.”

It’s because she’s doing something odd that she replies in such a manner. I remember growing up, and thinking I was the odd one. It’s like the Calvin cartoon:


(This cartoon can be found here as well, and is copyrighted by Bill Watterson.)

What is “normal”? You think that normal is what you grow up with, until you turn into an adult and interact with others your age, away from high school. I didn’t even realize I was a nerd until much later in life. I just thought I was crazy as a teenager.

Keep in mind, things were much different in the 1980s. We didn’t have the Internet to do “self”-diagnoses. I finally figured it out when I read about a book (and then bought and read the book) called You Are Not Alone – a book about depression. The point of the book is that other people also suffer from depression. The resources around back then were not so easily available as they are today. You might not be able to imagine how freeing it was to read this and finally realize what I was experiencing. It took me years to accept myself, warts and all. Now I love to be goofy, and I don’t care who knows.

Insularity is not a good thing. I think we could all use some love and understanding – whether we’re purposely being goofy or “normal,” or not.

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