Two Right Feet, and how life used to be

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

The first two things I do in the morning are brushing my teeth and washing my face. Somehow I don’t feel ready to face the world unless I do those two things.

It’s funny, because over six years ago, I would have added a third item – inserting my contacts. But since I’ve had the laser surgery on my eyes, it’s been a whole new world for me and my morning routine. No more painstakingly putting in my contacts (well, after 20 years of contacts, really I was an old pro). No more saline solution. No more cleaning out my contact case. I could wake up in the morning and look at the clear numbers of the clock from across the room. This is in contrast to my previous life, where I could only see my hand clearly about 6 inches from my eyes without glasses or contacts. I could see well enough to get around my house, but there’s no way I could see driving. It’s silly, but after 20 plus years of contact use, it’s amazing how easily I forgot what having contacts entailed. I thank God that I could afford to have the procedure done. It was more than just being able to open my eyes and see my clock; my contacts were beginning to bother my eyes after several hours of use, and I although I could use my glasses, they gave me headaches. So I very happily had the procedure done, and ever since then, I’ve only had to put reading glasses on occasionally. Thank goodness for modern technology!

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