In response to ALM Writes Writer’s Prompts.

Today’s prompt is comfort. I’m torn about this prompt. Why?

Comfort. Today my aunt permanently moved from her old house to her new house, which is around the corner from our house. She had offered me her sofa and side chair, which we (my husband and myself) gratefully accepted.

We now have two couches and two side chairs (one is really a “side chair,” while the other is more accurately a “sofa chair”). My husband mentioned how we could arrange the furniture, so I spent about a half hour taking the leaves out of the kitchen table (which is in the dining room) to make it a four-seater table instead of six; putting the sofa chairs in front of the dining room window, which receives some wonderful sunlight in the morning; and putting the extra chairs in the basement. Now we can both watch TV in comfort. My husband can sit in the couch chairs and admire his geek collection of Darth Vaders and Boba Fetts. As for the animals? I think the dog isn’t sure about this arrangement, although she’s been on the “new” sofa several times. The cats are going crazy – more furniture to claw and to run around and over. I am pleased with this new arrangement, although it is only the first day.

However, there is also conflict. My husband and I are in conflict about something that’s going on in the basement. I am trying not to let this bother me. I am not yet enough of a Buddhist to accept this moment. But I will accept the comfort the new furniture brings.


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