Two Right Feet, and how life used to be

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

The first two things I do in the morning are brushing my teeth and washing my face. Somehow I don’t feel ready to face the world unless I do those two things.

It’s funny, because over six years ago, I would have added a third item – inserting my contacts. But since I’ve had the laser surgery on my eyes, it’s been a whole new world for me and my morning routine. No more painstakingly putting in my contacts (well, after 20 years of contacts, really I was an old pro). No more saline solution. No more cleaning out my contact case. I could wake up in the morning and look at the clear numbers of the clock from across the room. This is in contrast to my previous life, where I could only see my hand clearly about 6 inches from my eyes without glasses or contacts. I could see well enough to get around my house, but there’s no way I could see driving. It’s silly, but after 20 plus years of contact use, it’s amazing how easily I forgot what having contacts entailed. I thank God that I could afford to have the procedure done. It was more than just being able to open my eyes and see my clock; my contacts were beginning to bother my eyes after several hours of use, and I although I could use my glasses, they gave me headaches. So I very happily had the procedure done, and ever since then, I’ve only had to put reading glasses on occasionally. Thank goodness for modern technology!

The Cat Says Meow

Written in response to “Making a Prompt Personal.

From by user Qedem1611.

From by user Qedem1611.

I live in a madhouse. I suppose it’s better than that horrible, smelly crate I was in, before this place. I must admit, it’s mouses above that crate. I wish I were here by myself, but they brought my brother along, too.

And the dog! We’ve managed to annoy her by taking over all of her beds (what is she, a queen?). But, I admit, the valet and maid of the house have provided plenty of things for us, too. We have lots of hidey-holes and climbing apparatuses – not to mention our own cat beds! And we are allowed in the basement – the dog doesn’t go down there! We try to eat the dog’s food too, but she barks at us, and does not leave her food unguarded. I don’t know why the valet and maid don’t control her better.

My brother tries to rouse the humans in the morning to feed us. Then we both pester them until one of them gets up (usually, the maid). Then we play a lot, until we go to sleep. If it’s sunny, our maid will move our tree to the window! We get to sleep in the sun, then!

We have to remind the valet or maid what time to feed us in the afternoon – otherwise, they forget. Then THEY eat at the table, and we sit like good little kittens to entice them to share. Sometimes the valet will share, even though the maid will bite his head off for doing so. We love the valet!!

My maid likes to pick me up and pet me. The petting is great, but I can’t stand being picked up – unless, of course, she’s petting me at the same time. We often have playtime – the maid or valet will throw our toys around at our leisure!

Okay, so it’s not quite a madhouse. I don’t know what we did before we got to this place. It’s like living in a palace!

The Cat Says Meow

Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself

I’m trying this again since I got derailed from the previous Blogging 101 course. I love to write – fiction, nonfiction, whatever. I live in New York state (where we are currently having a cold spell) with my husband and pets, although I did spend part of my childhood in the South (United States). I don’t know what else to say except that I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and that I’d like to be more consistent with my writing. Also, I’ve worked as an editor most of my life, and I have knowledge of the Russian language. I’ve already posted part of a story, posts about my life, or observations. It’s silly but I don’t really have an objective yet for my blog! 🙂 I look forward to meeting new writers in this blogging challenge.

Blogging 101: Love Your Theme

Silly me! I was not going to change my theme at all, because I’d already changed it a couple of times, and I thought, “Why the heck not?” So I ended up trying almost every free theme out there! I did end up changing to Twenty Twelve from Misty Lake. Yay me! I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did with this assignment!