Merry Christmas

I know I haven’t posted in a long time. Since I last posted, I’ve been laid off, and the holidays have come.

I intend to go through the next Blogging 101 course. And to write more often.

Tomorrow we celebrate in a Polish-American way. We celebrate Wigilia dinner, a traditional Christmas eve dinner. I am cooking the dinner. My uncle, who had so many cookbooks it filled up an entire pantry, used to cook the dinner. When he stopped, I took over. I made it my own. My brother lived in Maui for 15 years, so I included a dish that uses Ahi tuna. Also, I have celiac disease, so I cook crab cakes, which are the only time I get to eat them. We even share the oplatek, which has been a part of our Christmas since we moved up north. Tomorrow night I am hosting the aforementioned uncle. I am a little nervous, because he had such a production for this evening. I’ve warned him that I made it my own – I include traditions from my husband, who is English, and traditions from my brother, and new types of food. My aunt has Alzheimer’s, but she has a wonderful appetite, so I’ve included more food. I intend to take pictures of the dishes, and I hope more than ever that it is a success.

I hope ya’ll have a merry Christmas!