Once upon a time

In response to The Daily’s Post’s Once Upon a Time.

From Morguefile.com by user deemac1.

From Morguefile.com by user deemac1.

Once upon a time there lived a King and the Queen. The King and Queen were very happy in their small but accommodating palace. The King and Queen resided with a dog, known as the Princess, and a cat, known as His Highness.

His Highness was an unusual cat. He was old (over 21 years), but he loved life. He was a very loud cat – he loved to meow as loud as his vocal chords would let him. All of his needs were taken care of. If he wanted to go outside, he went outside (albeit on a leash). If he wanted catnip, his royal servants would give him catnip. He was fed the priciest food. He had a heating pad just for himself. His Highness especially loved baiting the Princess into barking. His Highness was one of a kind.

One day His Highness wasn’t feeling well. The King called the Queen and said, “My dear, His Highness has stopped eating.” With heavy hearts, the King and Queen knew what had to be done. The Queen made sure that His Highness’s last hours on earth were happy – outside, in the warm sun.

His Highness received a royal funeral, after which the King proclaimed, “There will be no more cats until the start of the new year.” Needless to say, the King was very lonely, and two kittens were adopted the following week – two brothers, His Royal Highness Crazy Eyes and His Royal Highness The Cat of Siam. And life began anew in the kingdom.