Writing 101: Unlock the Mind

I wasn’t sure what to write about today. I looked at some of the prompts, I wandered through some of the blog posts…. I’m going through a tough time. The company I work for was bought out, and we’ll all be out of jobs by November. If we want to receive our severance package, we have to be here at “the end” – and it seems as if only the universe knows exactly when “the end” will be (it’s postulated to be October 31). It would be great to have a couple of weeks off from work, but I’m the primary breadwinner for our small family (no children, but my husband and I do have 2 cats and a dog). My colleague and friend keeps encouraging me to write, because she knows that I do it on the side, and when I saw that Blogging/Writing 101 was back, I determined to do so, for fun and also for possible job prospects. I guess I’ll just see where this goes. I’ve been commuting to work now for 24 years – 1 hour to work, 1 hour back. I’m hoping to find something closer to home (and therefore have more spare time!).  It’s exhausting doing so much driving, even if I listen to podcasts or books. It is a little nerve-wracking going to work and not being sure what you’ll be doing each day. Sometimes I have stuff to do, and sometimes I don’t. Many times I can find stuff for me to do. I’d rather be kept busy than not. I worry about money, about paying the bills. I worry that my husband won’t find a job. Is this normal? Because I really don’t like worrying! I’ve been trying to get back into running, but that’s been tough, and now that the days are getting shorter and colder, I expect it won’t get any easier. I’d rather dream about my stories or take pictures in the virtual world Second Life (one of my hobbies).

Second Life (SL) is great. You can be anything you want to be. When I first discovered it, I realized immediately that I could be any animal I wanted (shape-changing figures prominently in some of my stories), or an elf, or just about anything that could be created (some avatars are piles of rustling leaves!). I’ve met some good people on SL. At least on Second Life, it can always be sunny; you can be at the beach when there’s two feet of snow outside. I actually get story ideas from SL. Like any other virtual forum, there are groups for everything – faith, writing, and Trekkies, to name a few. And hey! You can change your hair style and color whenever you want! If you find free vendors, you can have as many shoes and clothes as you want! As a woman, that can be a very heady experience!

My 20 minutes are up. Thank you for listening!