Five Photos, Five Stories – Day Two

With apologies for missing out yesterday – I had a rather busy day! I was invited by Calen of Impromptu Promptlings to participate in this challenge. Today is Day Two.

The Comforts of Stuffed Animals

When I was young, I had a lot of stuffed animals. I’m sure I could find a few of them today, much to the chagrin of my husband.

I still have rather a few on display. A few years ago I discovered Squishables and have quite a few of those, too.

"Little guy"

“Little Guy”

This is “Little Guy.” I got him in an airport – I think it was Atlanta, but I’m not sure. I was on my way to the beach. I realized I had forgotten my stuffed animal, Sparky. Sparky is a dog. In fact, I’m sure I have two of him, because the first one I got was so worn out. Anyways, I realized I had forgotten Sparky, so I walked into an airport boutique and selected Little Guy.

Little Guy got to go to North Carolina with me. Then he accompanied me on the long drive home. I still sleep with him if my husband is not in bed (hubby is a night owl) – it’s great to have an arm draped around Little Guy.

I don’t know what it is about stuffed animals that make me love them. Maybe because they are so cute and squishy. Maybe because they are always there and are non-judgmental – they don’t care if you’re sick, if you’re feeling blue, if you’re crazy in the head with anxiety. They are just there, and they always want a hug. Just like a security blanket, you can count on them for anything. Maybe that’s why I have more than a few stuffed animals still hanging around.

Do any of you still hang on to your stuffed animals, or any other childhood treasure?

The Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge rules require you to post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or simply a short paragraph – it’s entirely up to you.

Then each day, nominate another blogger to carry on this challenge.

Accepting the challenge is entirely up to the person nominated, it is not a command.  Today, I’m inviting Random Ravings from Cornwall to join the challenge.

(Actually, anyone can join in, so please do.)